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Saturday, January 26, 2013

About KT Black Treasure

 K.T. Black Treasure is a 6 yr old black and white tobiano mare. She is affectionately called Katie. She was born June 24, 2006 in the state of Georgia. She has had only three owners including the breeder, a close friend of mine, and myself. When purchased by her second owner at the age of two, Katie was intended for the owner's wife. Personal circumstances prevented the lady from being able to ride, so Katie became a pasture ornament for some time close to four years. When the family decided to sell out of the horse business, Katie landed with me. She came to the barn that she is currently at in September of 2012. For the past four months, we have been working diligently with her to get her accustomed to all the things a normal six year old should be.

  • Katie's training has included tons of ground work.
  • She spent two weeks with a trainer by the name of Ray Wise out of Americus, Ga. One week of that time was spent on a trail ride in southern GA and northern Fl.
  • Since she has returned to the barn, we have worked on neck reigning as well as direct reigning and leg pressure.
  • She has been ridden western for the most part. As long as she remains with me, she will also learn to ride English (which she has already been exposed to).
  • Stops on a dime.
  • If she'll do nothing else, the horse will back from California to Maine.
  • One  note: Since Katie has been in training with me, she has never once offered to buck with a rider on her back.
  • She has excellent manners.
  • Doesn't mind clippers or baths at all.
  • Not head shy.

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