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Sunday, February 10, 2013

More about Katie

I have listed all sorts of attributes about Katie's training in my first post. However, I didn't really talk about how great she is even without the training. Katie is so trusting and eager to learn.
      DAY 1:
 The day I picked her up, she had not been touched in ~ 4 years. I had no idea whether or not I was going to be able to catch her. And even if I could catch her, would she ever get on the trailer? Within seconds of being in the pasture, I had Katie in my hands. As we approached the trailer, I tried really hard not to let her pick up on my anxiety. If she knew about it, she didn't tell me! We approached the trailer and she immediately loaded! She even stood there calmly while I latched the gate.

     Day 3:
I let Katie rest the first two days in order to get acclimated. Day 3 brought on a whole new world for Katie. It's time to see how well this horse ties. Her poor mane and tail looked dreadful. Her tail was a solid baseball bat swinging behind her. Her mane looked more like dread locks. So my riding partner and I decided to take it easy on her and give her a day of good grooming. That's exactly what it was, a WHOLE day. We spent at least four hours attempting to salvage as much of Katie's tail as we could. The whole time, she stood and watched us. It was as if the concrete floor in the barn, the two nagging geldings on the other side of the stall, and all the people poking in and out were all completely natural for her. When I began to tackle her mane, Katie would often turn her head and nuzzle me for attention. When I got near her ears, she remained so calm. I remember scratching them for the first time. She cocked her head in such a crooked way, I knew it must have felt amazing! As for the clippers, the first few times they tickled her muzzle. She didn't do anything but twitch her lip a little.

As we began working, Katie flew through the first week of training as if it were play time. I have been so blessed to have this horse in my life. She has been a thrill to work with. She has been the topic of many jokes and has made us laugh continuously. She hasn't always been perfect, but she has always given me her best. I can't wait for you to meet her. If you ever make it out to see her, you're almost guaranteed to not want to leave her. 

~Happy Trails~

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